Whether it’s the added opulence you are looking for, or simply a logistical issue, automatic, motorised TV lifters can transform your room, enhancing your home cinema experience. 


Whether it’s coming out of your floor or ceiling, hiding under your bed, or magically appearing in the middle of your living room, TV lifters can transform a home and forever change your viewing experience.

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They are the ultimate space saver, not only hiding away the TV, but eliminating the need for a stand or cabinet to set it on, opening up new possibilities when it comes to interior design, allowing you to plan the aesthetic quality of a room more to your liking.

Modern TV lifters offer space-efficient designs and the latest technological advancements, making them lightweight but also incredibly strong, giving you options when it comes to home cinemas, room layout, furniture design, and even wall, window and door placement.

From a skeptic to a 100% believer is how I would describe myself. I could not imagine why anyone would consider building a home without building in some sort of system, particularly if the home is in the higher price bracket.”
— John Rae

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