In this project we turn a grand old Devonport villa into a Hi-Tech wonder.

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Client brief

1.    Music into just about every part of the home including the decks and workshop.
2.    Ability to pick and choose what was played where, from our music and video library as well as services like Sky, Spotify and Netflix.
3.    Speakers in the main living area lounge had to be totally unobtrusive but provide quality sound.
4.   Home theatre room had to be awesome with full surround sound
5.    Two main TV areas with access points for future plans
6.    Full wireless internet coverage across all areas plus patchable cable points in all rooms
7.    Integrated security
8.    Everything located in a central hub for a single point of access.  
9.    All controllable from iPhone or tablet

Case study coming soon...

Derek delivered the goods, with a comprehensive solution covering 8 different zones, built around Control4 at the heart of it all and using high quality equipment to deliver sound and video, all connected to a central rack.

Derek’s workmanship and attention to detail have been exceptional, from the basics of running over 2 km of wiring neatly through the house into the central rack, assembling everything in the rack so all equipment looks like it was designed to be there, through to the programming required to integrate all equipment and services to Control4.
— Steve and Debbie Sims

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